Board Games Bar Launch – Dec 10th & 11th

We’re FINALLY launching our board games bar on Dec 10th & 11th, we’re well on our way to stocking 500+ games, you can check out our full list here.

You can RSVP to the event here (just log in first)

You can BYOG or pay to play ours (€5 all you can play)

Our Arcade Room will have tables laid out from 12pm – 7pm both days specifically for gaming

To book a table mail


The Games Room


In house gaming events on the weekend include…

Saturday Dec. 10th:

Party Games For Playing With Family And Friends, 2pm-7pm, free entry
Looking for a way to get the whole family around a table this Christmas for something other than dinner? Come by the Square Ball where we’ll be showing off the amazing variety of family-friendly party games that are available right now.

30 Seconds Tournament, 4pm-6pm, €5 entry, prizes for the winners
You have thirty seconds to get your friend to guess Luarel and Hardy, The Suez Canal, and Roy Keane, but without using any of those words or sound-based hints. Can you do it? Can you do it better than your opponents? Come along for a tournament of Ireland’s top party games, and find out if a pint of craft beer makes you better or worse at the game!

Sunday Dec. 11th

Christmas Shopping Guide to Board Games, 1pm-4pm, free entry

Is there a board gamer in your life who might want a game? Are you trying to decide just what to treat yourself to this holiday season? Are you desperately trying to avoid giving yet another voucher to your niece or nephew, your resident college student, or your recently retired parent? Come along to the Square Ball where we’ll be helping you pick the best games for any budget or age group! Plus you can try a copy from our impressive library before you purchase anything.

Introduction to Board Games Evening, 4pm-8pm, free entry

When someone says ‘board games’ do you immediately think of Monopoly or Cluedo? If so, we would love to show you the wonderful world of modern board gaming, which includes a wide variety of games for people of all ages and stripes! Bring a friend, grab a beer, and try something new today!

Ticket to Ride Tournament, 5pm-8pm, €5 entry, prize for the winner
The top selling hobby board game, Ticket to Ride is a quick-to-learn game of collecting cards, and laying track, all so that you can complete train routes on a map of a real region: the USA, Scandinavia, Germany… Ticket to Ride is an excellent game for beginners and veterans alike, so come and prove your mastery of locomotion with us on Sunday!

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