Our pal Juan has been toying around in the kitchen and has some new wares he wants to show off. Please book in via the link below

On the form, you will be asked to test each item in our 3 roles 

  • Order to your table
  • Order as Click & Collect
  • Order as Delivery

On the form, scenarios wise, please check our 5 bs’ of the Square Ball, our USP’s of what we do….

  • BBQ [ ie the overall Fowl Play menu/experience
  • Beer [ to include drinks menu overall, please check cocktails, wine menu and beers ]
  • Bingo [ do we have signage up for it, is it clear we do it, and when/how you as a customer can do it? ]
  • Board Games [ are you able to see menu on Preoday, in the bar, what did you think of the games list, prices, and could you order to your table? ]

As you go we ask you to fill out this form here

See the menu below


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