Whats on the Screens

We’ve loads of sports on screen and if you don’t see something listed, ask in the bar for it to be shown and we’ll try our best. Or tell us what we’re missing


November 21st

1pm | England vs Iran

4pm | Senegal vs Netherlands

7pm | USA vs Wales

November 22nd 

1pm | Denmark vs Tunisia

4pm | Mexico vs Poland

7pm | France vs Australia

November 23rd 

1pm | Germany vs Japan

4pm | Spain vs Costa Rica

7pm | Belgium vs Canada

November 24th  

1pm | Uruguay vs South Korea

4pm | Portugal vs Ghana

7pm | Brazil vs Serbia

November 25th 

1pm | Qatar vs Senegal

4pm | Netherlands vs Ecuador

7pm | England vs USA

November 26th 

1pm | Poland vs Saudi Arabia

4pm | France vs Denmark

7pm | Argentina vs Mexico


November 27th 

1pm | Belgium vs Morroco

4pm |Croatia vs Canada

7pm | Spain vs Germany

November 28th 

1pm | South Korea vs Ghana

4pm | Brazil vs Switzerland

7pm | Portugal vs Uruguay

November 29th 

3pm | Ecuador vs Sengal

3pm | Netherlands vs Qatar

7pm | Iran vs USA

7pm | Wales vs England

November 30th 

3pm | Tunisia vs France

3pm | Australia vs Denmark

7pm | Poland vs Argentina

7pm | Saudi Arabia vs Mexico

December 1st 

3pm | Croatia vs Belgium

3pm | Canada vs Morocco

7pm | Japan vs Serbia

7pm | Costa Rica vs Germany

December 2nd 

3pm | South Korea vs Portugal

3pm | Ghana vs Uruguay

7pm | Serbia vs Switzerland

7pm | Cameroon vs Brazil

December 3rd – 6th 

3pm | Final 16 Matches | World Cup

7pm | Final 16 Matches | World Cup

Decmeber 9th & 10th 

3pm | Quarter Finals | World Cup

7pm | Quarter Finals | World Cup

Decemeber 13th & 14th 

7pm | Semi Finals | World Cup

December 17th 

3pm | Third Place Play Off | World Cup

Decmeber 18th 

3pm | Final | World Cup

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