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Our live fire eatery – Fowl Play –  Tue to Sun from noon to 10pm.

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Thursday – Brewtonic Beer Club 6pmQuizness 8pm

Friday & Saturday  : Square Bingo 9pm

(01) 6624473 | [email protected] to book in, advised! 

Board Games (500+) / The Arcade

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[ if you don’t see something listed, ask in the bar for it to be shown and we’ll try our best. Or tell us what we’re missing below]


Sunday 19th

Premier League: Man City Vs Huddersfield 13:30pm

GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship Final: Galway Vs Limerick 15:30pm 

Premier League: Brighton Vs Man Utd 16:00pm

Thursday 23rd

Brewtonic Beer Club 6pm

Quizness 8pm

Friday 24th

9pm) – Square Bingo

Saturday 25th

Premier League: Arsenal Vs West Ham 15:00pm

Premier League: Liverpool Vs Brighton 17:30pm

Sunday 26th

Premier League: Watford Vs Crystal Palace 13:30pm

Premier League: Newcastle Vs Chelsea 16:00pm

9pm) – Square Bingo


Saturday 1st

Premier League: Leicester Vs Liverpool  12:30pm

Premier League: Burnley Vs Man Utd 15:00pm

Premier League: Chealsea Vs Bournemouth 15:00pm

Premier League: Man City Vs Newcastle 17:30pm

9pm) – Square Bingo

Sunday 2nd

Premier League: Cardiff Vs Arsenal 13:30pm

Premier League: Watford Vs Spurs 16:00pm


Thursday 6th

(6pm) Brewtonic Beer Club

(8pm) Quizness

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles Vs Atlanta Falcons 21:35pm

Friday 7th

9pm) – Square Bingo

Saturday 8th

9pm) – Square Bingo

Sunday 9th

NFL: New York Giants Vs Jacksonville Jaguars 18:00pm

Thursday 13th

(6pm) Brewtonic Beer Club

(8pm) Quizness

Friday 14th

9pm) – Square Bingo

Saturday 15th

Premier League: Spurs Vs Liverpool 12:30pm

Premier League: Man City Vs Fulham 15:00pm

Premier League: Watford Vs Man Utd 17:30pm

9pm) – Square Bingo

Sunday 16th

Premier League: Wolves Vs Burnley 13:30pm

Premier League: Everton Vs West Ham 16:00pm

NFL:Green Bay Packers Vs Minnesota Vikings 18:00pm

NFL:Miami Jets Vs Dolphins 18:00pm

NFL:Jacksonville Jaguars Vs New York Patriots


Thursday 20th

(6pm) Brewtonic Beer Club

(8pm) Quizness

Friday 21st

9pm) – Square Bingo

Saturday 22nd

Premier League: Fulham Vs Watford 12:30pm

Premier League: Liverpool Vs Southampton 15:00pm

Premier League: Man Utd Vs Wolves 15:00pm

Premier League: Brighton Vs Spurs 17:30pm

9pm) – Square Bingo

Sunday 23rd

Premier League: Arsenal Vs Everton 16:00pm

Wednesday 29th

Premier League: West Ham Vs Man Utd 12:30pm

Premier League: Arsenal Vs Watford 15:00pm

Premier League: Chelsea Vs Liverpool 17:30pm


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