World Cup 2019


Can anyone stop the United States?? Odds on favourite’s for a 4th World Cup. Some spicy fixtures in there, England vs Scotland on the opening weekend looks good.

We are showing (nearly) every single game of the Women’s World Cup in France (were closed on Mondays).




Friday 7th

France v South Korea 20.00

World Cup Quiz & music bingo 22.00

Saturday 8th

Germany v China 14.00

Spain v South Africa 17.00

Norway v Nigeria 20.00

Sunday 9th

Australia v Italy 12.00

Brazil v Jamaica 14.30

England v Scotland 17.00

Monday 10th

Argentina vs Japan 17.00

Canada vs Cameroon 20.00

Tuesday 11th

New Zealand vs Netherlands 14.00

Chile vs Sweden 17.00

United States vs Thailand 20.00

Wednesday 12th

Nigeria vs South Korea 14.00

Germany vs Spain 17.00

France vs Norway 20.00

Thursday 13th

Australia vs Brazil 17.00

South Africa vs China 20.00

Friday 14th

Japan vs Scotland 14.00

Jamaica vs Italy 17.00

England vs Argentina 20.00

Saturday 15th

Netherlands vs Cameroon 14.00

Canada vs New Zealand 20.00

Sunday 16th

Sweden vs Thailand 14.00

United States vs Chile 17.00

Monday 17th

China vs Spain 17.00

South Africa vs Germany 17.00

Nigeria vs France 20.00

South Korea vs Norway 20.00

Tuesday 18th

Italy vs Brazil 20.00

Jamaica vs Australia 20.00

Wednesday 19th

Japan vs England 20.00

Scotland vs Argentina 20.00

Thursday 20th

Netherlands vs Canada 17.00

Cameroon vs New Zealand 17.00

Sweden vs United States 20.00

Thailand vs Chile 20.00

Saturday 22nd

Round of 16th Starts

Thursday 27th

Quarter Finals Start


Tuesday 2nd

Semi Finals Start

Saturday 6th

Women’s World Cup: 3rd place playoff

Sunday 7th

World Cup Final


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