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More and more, Irish breweries are turning on to the benefits of canning their beers rather than bottling. From ease of transport, keeping the quality higher for longer to impacting the environment, cans are the better option. The main hurdle in recent years had been public perception of cans being what people drink in a field in their teens.

Thankfully, the likes of Rascals and Whiplash set the trend of Irish breweries following the lead Beavertown in the UK in switching over. In the coming year to 18 months, we reckon we’ll see most breweries switching over.

We just had an influx of quality beers arrive to the pub and are pretty excited about them.

The first is a collaboration between our family Brewtonic and pals Rascals. Weisse Guys is a Hopfenweisee made with lemon zest. Think; a hopped up weisse beer with some tartness on the end from the lemon zest.


The next two come from one of our favourite Irish breweries: Whiplash. Rollover is their perennial session IPA with a low 3.9% ABV but a surprisingly medium body and punch of hoppy goodness. Their latest brew ‘Body Riddle’ is a classic crisp, fresh pale ale. As ever the can artwork is top class too.

IMG_2147 IMG_2146

Yellowbelly featured on this blog last year around this time with their trio of bottled seasonal beers. They have updated their popular ‘Great for the Town’ Strawberry sour, this time in a can. Their house Berlinner Weisse recipe has been given a healthy dose of the local Wexford roadside favourite. Lovely clean kettle sour that pairs well with our chicken.IMG_2145

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